Meet Emsy Robinson

Emsy Robinson
First concert/location – Carlos Santana & Friends – Dallas TX
First album purchased – The Top Gun movie soundtrack
First girlfriend – Alyce Martindale
Favorite band – Jimi Hendrix
Favorite “current” band – Torche
Favorite type of food – italian
Favorite type of girl – mixed race
Favorite album – a crow left of the murder by incubus
Favorite Beatle – George Harrison
Favorite actor – Samuel l jackson
Favorite actress – Angelina Jolie
Favorite muppet – Kermit
Favorite movie – y tu mama tambien
Favorite day – Saturday
Favorite song today – Out of exile audio space
Favorite time of day – midnight
Favorite political slogan – indeed i did have a sexual relationship with that woman – Bill Clinton
Favorite question – what’s the meaning of life?
Favorite politician – Ralph Nader
Favorite city – Austin
Favorite hobby – exercise
Favorite key – E major
Favorite sport – track and field
Favorite snack – hummus
Favorite place – California
Favorite drink – white russian
Favorite memory – west coast trip