Meet Mike Hodges

Mike Hodges
First concert/location – 311 at the Vic in Chicago
First album purchased – Michael Jackson’s Dangerous
First girlfriend – Mary something, a cool, punk chick in middle school
Favorite band – Radiohead
Favorite “current” band – tomahawk
Favorite type of food – breakfast
Favorite type of girl – got to be a little crazy
Favorite album – Neil Young’s Harvest
Favorite Beatle – John
Favorite actor – Deniro
Favorite actress – Meryl Streep
Favorite muppet – Animal, of course
Favorite movie – Taxi Driver
Favorite day – Leap Day
Favorite song today – Elvis Costello ‘s “(I don’t want to go to) Chelsea”
Favorite time of day – night
Favorite political slogan – “A Return to Normalcy”
Favorite question – “What’s goin’ on?”
Favorite politician – Bill Clinton
Favorite city – Chicago
Favorite hobby – wasting time
Favorite key – skeleton
Favorite sport – basketball
Favorite snack – coffee
Favorite place – Backstage
Favorite drink – old fashioned
Favorite memory – building snow forts as a kid