Meet Nick Earl

Nick Earl
Favorite band – unanswerable.. But if Johnny Greenwood, Freddie Mercury, Brad Mehldau, and John Bonham could start a band, it would be something like that
Favorite “current” band – The Nels Cline Singers
Favorite type of food – spicy
Favorite type of girl – Dark haired and artsy
Favorite album – also unanswerable, but Weezer’s Blue Album has held a special place in my heart from a young age
Favorite Beatle – John
Favorite actor – Jeff Bridges
Favorite actress – Charlize Theron
Favorite muppet – Animal & his band
Favorite movie – 2001 A Space Odyssey
Favorite day – Ones that aren’t cold.
Favorite song today – Original Star trek theme.. But Bohemian Rhapsody always makes me happy
Favorite time of day – Late
Favorite political slogan – Live Long and Prosper
Favorite question – Why?
Favorite politician – Kyle McLaughlin as the mayor in Portlandia
Favorite city – New Orleans
Favorite hobby – Making things.
Favorite key – C-
Favorite sport – ostrich racing
Favorite snack – cheese breadsticks from Johnny’s pizza, Monroe, la
Favorite place – Space
Favorite drink – Good bourbon on the rocks
Favorite memory – it’s a toss up between getting the original Nintendo for Christmas and getting my first electric guitar