Meet Paul Slavens

Paul Slavens
First concert/location – RUSH – Lincoln NE.
First album purchased – Queen – Night at the Opera
First girlfriend – Mary Mullins
Favorite band – Deerhoof
Favorite type of food – Thai
Favorite type of girl – aggressive
Favorite album – Music For 18 Musicians: Steve Reich
Favorite Beatle – Paul
Favorite actor – Barney Rubble
Favorite actress – Helen Mirren
Favorite muppet – The Old Guys in the Balcony
Favorite movie – Repo Man
Favorite day – payday
Favorite song today – Milkshake
Favorite time of day – bathtime
Favorite political slogan – Despair All Ye Who Enter Here
Favorite question – Paul, would you please take this money for having sex with Scarlett Johanssen?
Favorite politician – Pat Paulsen
Favorite city – Denton
Favorite hobby – MTG
Favorite key – C minor
Favorite sport – Biking
Favorite snack – Tortizza
Favorite place – deep in nature
Favorite drink – whiskey water
Favorite memory – TMI