Meet Salim Nourallah

Salim Nourallah
First concert/location – Tom Petty/Nick Lowe in El Paso
First album purchased – Beatles White Album
First girlfriend – Michelle Martin
Favorite band – the Beatles
Favorite “current” band – the Travoltas
Favorite type of food – middle eastern
Favorite type of girl – smart, quick-witted
Favorite album – White
Favorite Beatle – John
Favorite actor – Jean Dujardin
Favorite actress – Naomi Watts
Favorite muppet – Gonzo
Favorite movie – Spinal Tap
Favorite day – any day I get to spend with my kids
Favorite song today – “La Di Da” by Chris Catalena
Favorite time of day – do nothing time
Favorite political slogan – I love you
Favorite question – what’s for dinner?
Favorite politician – this is an oxymoron, isn’t it?
Favorite city – Hamburg
Favorite hobby – playing grown-up
Favorite key – D minor
Favorite sport – Ebay
Favorite snack – Reese’s buttercup and a small glass of milk
Favorite place – bed
Favorite drink – green tea
Favorite memory – climbing enchanted rock with my family